Spiritual Companions

I am a certified educator with the Spiritual Companions Trust, a community of people whose orientation to spirituality is inclusive.  I’ve found a home here. A place where diversity is celebrated, where people from all spiritual traditions, or none, are welcomed. Where courageous conversations are encouraged. And where the core practices of all spiritual approaches have been distilled into a profound set of guidelines that show me how to connect, reflect and serve. 

                          Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness


This is the first UK qualification integrating spirituality and healthcare to be fully accredited. I’m delighted to being co-teaching it next year at Hawkwood College in Stroud, UK.


What you will gain:

• Explore and deepen your spirituality in a group of warm-hearted and open-minded peers

• Gain a professional qualification that integrates spirituality, health and wellness into your career

• Acquire practical strategies and concepts that can easily and immediately be shared with others

• Become an accredited Spiritual Companion and part of a professional network with peer support, insurance scheme and ongoing CPD

• Integrate mindfulness, compassion and service more deeply into your lifestyle

You will be in an immersive and inspirational experience over 10 months. We’ve deliberately  designed the course so that participants will be able to complete its requirements during the residential sessions.

I will be offering this diploma from January through to July 2019. 

Entry is by application. Take a look at the full Diploma brochure here, and for further info please use the Contact form to get in touch.

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